Artist Statement:

       I have found my inspiration to create art in nature.  I believe that if we allow for the time, the natural environment can provide a wide range of emotions that can increase our awareness of what it is to be human and be alive.  To convey some of those emotions my art ranges from the singular beauty of one tree to classic landscape images and to contemporary visions of water.  At the heart of each work is the desire to pass along feelings I've experienced thru exposure to elements such as the light of a sunrise, or the tranquil reflections of a river at sundown or the gracefulness and strength of a tree standing alone.

     We live in a world that is experiencing the loss of natural beauty on a daily basis.  I hope to convey the spirituality and regenerative power of nature to others so as to lead them to an increased respect for and preservation of natural environments.  If people viewing my artwork walk away from it feeling even the slightest more aware and uplifted, then I've succeeded as an artist.

     My chosen mediums are oil on canvas or gesso panel and pastels. I work both Plein Air or in the studio.  I paint  from memory, sketches and photographs I've taken.  Painting sizes have ranged from 2 x 2 inches to 4.5 x 7 feet.  Commissions are accepted if I believe that I can create a painting with substance and relevance to the potential patron.

Stephen V. Russell